5 Lessons from ‘Reading Between the Lines’ by Gene Veith Jr.

I recently finished the book Reading Between the Lines by Gene Veith Jr.  In simple terms, it was probably the most insightful book on literature by a Christian that I have ever read.  I want you to read the book for yourself, but first, I’d like to sure five of my favorite quotes from the book, and why I think they’re just as important now as when the book was written 25 years ago.

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Boyhood: The Novelty Fades

The acoustic intro to Coldplay’s “Yellow” plays out over a cloudy, blue sky. The distinct, cartoon images of Pokemon fling themselves across a 13-inch television. An argument between a young, single mother and her boyfriend rage on as her two children watch around the corner.

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Where’s the Line?

A sex scene.  A kiss.  Ten profanities.  Frontal nudity.  An anti-Christian message.  We all need lines when it comes to selecting the movies that we see.  That can be tricky.  Pick a line too strict and you could miss out on some great thought-provoking points on account of something that was worth cringing through.  But set it too loose, and all kinds of filth could flood your mind and desensitize you to sin.  How do you figure out where the line should be?

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