The Imitation Game

There are many stories surrounding World War II that are beyond fascinating, but few reach the level of intrigue that Alan Turing’s does.  The British mathematician is essentially responsible for inventing the computer, and was a Cambridge fellow by the time he was in his mid-twenties.  The man was a genius not just at math, but in cryptology, the study of codes and symbols.  That’s why the British government recruited him to crack Enigma, the ever-elusive German messaging system.  The code was said to be unbreakable, because the encryption changed every single day.  Decode one day’s message, and it doesn’t matter, because tomorrow you have to start all over again.  What’s even more noteworthy is that Turing’s part in this grand project was a government secret for over 50 years.

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The Monuments Men


Art is very important to a culture.  It’s hard for us to appreciate that in the United States, largely because we’re an infant country, comparatively speaking.  To countries with vast histories such as France, England, and Spain, art can be a huge deal.  That’s why the story of the Monuments Men is so inspiring.  But what makes it relevant to us now, being far past the trials of World War II, is the bravery of men racing into a war zone to fight for a cause.

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