Gotham: A Failed Opportunity

Batman’s a hot topic these days.  Chris Nolan’s movies, the DC Animated Universe films, Batman V. Superman, Batman comics, Lego Batman, everything is Batman.  So when Fox put together a Batman prequel television series featuring the rise of Jim Gordon, it was presumed that it would be a thrilling and compelling comic book story, with the same fanfare as Arrow.  It has garnered the same amount of attention to a certain extent, but if fans were expecting to receive the same quality material as the other DC-based television shows, they’re likely disappointed.

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Batman (New 52) #13


Few villains have made as much of an impact on the lives of their respective heroes as the Joker has in the life of Batman.  He draws much of his enjoyment from throwing chaos into Batman’s life, having killed the second Robin and paralyzed Barbara Gordon (although that was later written out of continuity).  This time the attack gets even more personal, which is why issue 13 starts a storyarch aptly titled “Death of the Family.”

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