Theism & Secular Culture in Batman v Superman

It cannot be doubted that Zack Snyder has created one of the biggest spectacles in the superhero world with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Even among the negative critic reviews it continues to build its own fans, confusing the landscape for potential viewers even more.  But is it really any surprise that such a polarizing film should elicit mixed opinions?  Even so, there’s more going on in the film that just a gritty take on violent vigilantism.

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Jessica Jones: Virtue Drowned Out by Sex

Jessica Jones isn’t much like any superhero you’ve ever met.  Sure, she’s a heavy drinker like Iron Man, and throws grown men as though they were plush dolls like the Hulk.  But the thing that really sets her apart is that she’s got to be the biggest jerk of a protagonist that I’ve ever seen on screen.

She’s also arguably the most selfless hero Marvel has ever put on screen.

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