Spider-Verse, Part 2: The Right Side Doesn’t Make You a Good Man

The Amazing Spider-Man (2014-) #10

If you browse the superhero genre casually, you might think that anyone with superpowers qualifies as a superhero.  For that matter, you may not even need powers; all you need is a suit, a name, and something cool that gives you the ability to fight baddies, and then people adore you, right?  Well, it’s not all that simple.  Just because you’re the one fighting bad guys, that doesn’t necessarily make you any better than them.

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Spider-Man 2


I remember Doctor Octopus as a kid.  He has always been one of Spidey’s most tenacious villains, whether you’re talking about the comics, the animated TV shows, or, as in this case, the films.  His first appearance was in the third issue of The Amazing Spider-Man in 1963, so he’s been around for a while.  So after Sam Raimi’s success with the first movie, he decided to tackle the infamous villain.

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