Jupiter Ascending: Bad but Beautiful

If anything has defined the Wachowski’s previous film projects, it has been depth.  The Matrix was a creative exposition of the postmodern theories of French philosopher Jean Baudrillard.  V for Vendetta explored fascist regimes, and what might be required to overthrow them.  What many filmgoers expected from their new film Jupiter Ascending was nothing less, and what fans didn’t expect the same social commentary at least expected a really cool action film.  Unfortunately, Jupiter Ascending disappoints on both fronts.

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The Island

by Elliott Prasuhn


Utopia movies have been done many times before.  The one thing they all have in common is that things aren’t as they appear.  On the outset everything seems to be great, but there’s always something wrong going on behind the scenes. What sets these movies apart is that which is hidden.  For me, this is what makes utopian movies fun and intriguing. However, before I begin reviewing the movie, there’s one important point I’d like to make.

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