Ender’s Game and Real Virtue

If you’ve ever looked around your workplace and thought “they just keep getting younger every year,” you should go to the IF’s battle school.  Forget about teenagers enrolling in the army, these guys and gals are hardly ten.  Ender Wiggin is only six.  It’s worth it, they say, because they’re desperately trying to create the kind of brainpower that will help them survive another war with the aliens known as the buggers.  But the question that the cunning Col. Graff has to wrestle with is enough to make your blood run cold: what are we doing to these kids?

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Ender’s Game


It seems that making movies about children making war against each other is becoming a fad.

That probably makes me sound like a pessimistic grouch.  Let me start over.

A lot of people are probably going to compare Ender’s Game to The Hunger Games, saying that these movies are making money through society’s depraved sense of entertainment at the expense of children being made into killing machines.

They would be wrong.

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