Jason Bourne: Different Movie, Same Story

The wait is finally over. Jason Bourne has returned to the big screen for the first time since 2007. The Bourne Legacy may have been the most recent film in the series, but for many it left something to be desired. Perhaps it was Jason Bourne himself. Much to fans’ excitement, Bourne is back for a new chapter of his own. There’s no shortage of action and thrills in his latest outing, but does Jason Bourne give us anything new?

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Zero Theorem: Big Questions, Small Answers

The camera slowly fades in to reveal a swirling, black hole. A storm brews at its epicenter. Lightning flashes. Thunder claps like a heartbeat. The camera pans out to reveal Qohen Leth (a subdued, monk-like Christoph Waltz) naked and facing the black hole intently, but also removed, a tad detached as if lost in a trance. The black hole simultaneously represents Qohen’s fears and metaphysical yearning. This is the beginning of the potentially interesting yet ultimately shallow “Zero Theorem”.

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The Monuments Men


Art is very important to a culture.  It’s hard for us to appreciate that in the United States, largely because we’re an infant country, comparatively speaking.  To countries with vast histories such as France, England, and Spain, art can be a huge deal.  That’s why the story of the Monuments Men is so inspiring.  But what makes it relevant to us now, being far past the trials of World War II, is the bravery of men racing into a war zone to fight for a cause.

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