Jessica Jones: Virtue Drowned Out by Sex

Jessica Jones isn’t much like any superhero you’ve ever met.  Sure, she’s a heavy drinker like Iron Man, and throws grown men as though they were plush dolls like the Hulk.  But the thing that really sets her apart is that she’s got to be the biggest jerk of a protagonist that I’ve ever seen on screen.

She’s also arguably the most selfless hero Marvel has ever put on screen.

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Daredevil: A Christian Superhero

Daredevil is a popular Marvel superhero for many reasons.  He’s blind, yet able to turn his disability into an advantage.  He’s got a cool costume (as long as we forget about the yellow).  Almost paradoxically, he’s a lawyer that takes the law into his own hands.  These are all things that make Daredevil compelling, whether it be as an interesting character study or because we personally identify with some aspect of his story.  The thing I find most compelling and accessible about Matt Murdock, however, is not disability or his all-but-lost neighborhood, but the struggles of his faith.

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