Theism & Secular Culture in Batman v Superman

It cannot be doubted that Zack Snyder has created one of the biggest spectacles in the superhero world with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Even among the negative critic reviews it continues to build its own fans, confusing the landscape for potential viewers even more.  But is it really any surprise that such a polarizing film should elicit mixed opinions?  Even so, there’s more going on in the film that just a gritty take on violent vigilantism.

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Tracing his inception back to 1938, Superman is often regarded as the first superhero.  He was also one of the first to be featured in a superhero movie, being the first major motion picture to feature a costumed hero since the 1966 Batman movie.  In many ways, that makes this 1978 film a groundbreaker.  So how does it measure up, once we remove the “classic” label that makes us feel obligated to love it?

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