The Nightmare Before Christmas


There’s something about creepy films that makes me happy; not scary films like Halloween or Friday the Thirteenth, just creepy.  I remember the first time I watched Corpse Bride at a close friend of mine’s house and I was completely blown away.  Recently I was watching it again with one of my roommates and the only comment I heard from him the entire movie (which he said more than once) was “Logan, this is a weird movie.”  Granted it is a weird movie.  Maybe that’s why I love it and movies like it so much.

When you talk about creepy films, one director in particular comes to mind: Tim Burton.  Anyone who has ever seen “Edward Scissorhands” knows that Tim Burton’s films thrive on as much creepiness as one’s imagination can conjure up.  A couple of years ago, after having seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland, I decided I was going to try and see every Tim Burton film I could.  Last summer I saw “Corpse Bride,” which completely blew my mind (and is still one of my favorite films to date), and I decided that Tim Burton has an innate gift for animated films.  Still, I had not seen “The Nightmare before Christmas.”  That seemed like it should be a crime, seeing as it was probably Tim Burton’s most popular animated film to date.  A friend of mine gave me “The Nightmare before Christmas” on DVD to me for my 20th birthday.  So I watched it.

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