Why Les Miserables is a Christian Tale of Redemption

It’s one of the most respected pieces of classic literature in the world.  It’s one of the most successful broadway plays of all-time.  And now it’s arguably the best film musical this side of 1950: Les Miserables.  That’s for many reasons.  The music is incredible, and the film was revolutionary by having barely ten lines of spoken word throughout the film, with characters speaking more than 90% of the time in song.  But more importantly, and most especially for our purposes, it’s because the story takes a very Theistic and ultimately Christian perspective on life.

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Spider-Man Should Be In an Avengers Movie


The Avengers has long been one of the most beloved superhero teams for years, often surpassing even the Justice League in fan enthusiasm.  It’s had more than 20 different members, and after the success of the film, you might be wondering which characters will be introduced next.  I can tell you the one of the best Avengers of all time was, but sadly will likely not be in any of the movies because of sad studio politics: Spider-Man.

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“Does it hurt?”

“Every time.”

One of the most revolutionary comic book series of all time and spawning several spin-off series, X-Men, finally hit the big screen in 2000. It was the debut of Hugh Jackman’s notorious portrayal of Wolverine, as well as many other great (and some not so great) performances that nerds across the country loved and loathed. It garnered four more films and counting. It’s become its own intricate universe separate and apart from the rest of the Marvel world in its own right. In all of the excitement, however, we never stopped to think what the films were trying to tell us.

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