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Podcast #2: Creating a Culture of Life . . . with Memes?

Logan talks with Elijah Thompson of The Fetal Position and Dank Pro-Life Memes, and reviews Thor: Ragnarok, All But Invisible by Nate Collins, and Kelly Clarkson’s latest release, The Meaning of Life.

Elijah Thompson:

The Fetal Position

Dank Pro-Life Memes


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The Imitation Game

There are many stories surrounding World War II that are beyond fascinating, but few reach the level of intrigue that Alan Turing’s does.  The British mathematician is essentially responsible for inventing the computer, and was a Cambridge fellow by the time he was in his mid-twenties.  The man was a genius not just at math, but in cryptology, the study of codes and symbols.  That’s why the British government recruited him to crack Enigma, the ever-elusive German messaging system.  The code was said to be unbreakable, because the encryption changed every single day.  Decode one day’s message, and it doesn’t matter, because tomorrow you have to start all over again.  What’s even more noteworthy is that Turing’s part in this grand project was a government secret for over 50 years.

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Vicky Beeching and the Christian Response to Homosexuality


By now, we’re pretty used to secular musicians and actors “coming out” as being homosexual, and the rhetoric that follows of their supposed bravery in telling the world something that they know will result in a more positive image from much of the modern world.  But a Christian singer publicly “coming out of the closet” is not something that we probably expect to see.

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The Homosexual Agenda in Entertainment


In all of the crazy stuff I’ve watched, read, and listened to, there’s one narrative that sticks out in my mind.  It’s that of the Princess Bride, when one of the characters is faced with two glasses of wine, one of which he believes to have been poisoned.  His adversary will drink whichever he does not choose, leaving him to make the correct choice.  In the end he is poisoned, and his adversary goes free.  Not because he chose incorrectly, but because both were poisoned.  His adversary had built up an immunity by drinking a little bit of the poison every day.

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