The Unsung Magic of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Disney has cranked out loads of great films through the decades, many critically acclaimed not to mention gushed over by the general public, and deservedly so in most cases. However, while many of their films receive unending praise, once in a while it seems there is a gem or two overlooked or dismissed amid the clamor. One such jewel which comes to my mind is The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

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Hook: A Father Called to Arms

As I watched the movie Hook for about the umpteenth time, I was struck with a surprising revelation: whether intended or not, this film issues a challenge to all fathers to really step up to the plate for their families and be men. In a politically correct culture that attempts (and in many ways succeeds) to emasculate its males at every turn, that is something truly worth cherishing.

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Shadowhunters: A Cursed Franchise Rises Again

Over the past few years, nerd fandom has become the undeniable victor of the culture war.  With two films based on fantasy video games coming out in the next year, not to mention six comic book films and a half dozen more Star Wars films to come, fantasy and science fiction are doing quite well.  But that success doesn’t necessarily stretch to, say, the failed-film-turned-television-show that is Shadowhunters.

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