Dragon Teeth

A suspenseful and intriguing tale, Dragon Teeth is quintessentially Michael Crichton.  Following the intense and sometimes violent rivalry between two paleontologists in 1875, the story exudes Crichton’s own love for dinosaurs, in what was likely the real-life story that inspired Jurassic Park.  Closely based on actual history, including journals of the two men, the novel serves as a sort of love letter to the adventures of the early years of paleontology, but also removes the veil of both professional ambition and the violent anarchy of the wild west.

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Planet of the Apes is a Crusade Against God


There are a lot of movies that tell us to disobey God, or insist that He doesn’t exist.  Most of them are implicit, simply showing us how a sinful behavior is actually beneficial, or pushing the idea that all authority or authority figures are corrupt.  Some movies, however, get more bold.  Some of them take the subject of God and religion head-on, screaming with tenacity of its evil.  Planet of the Apes is such a film.

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