Amazon Movies Are Good News for Christian Movie Buffs

Amazon has a long history of making innovative decisions when it comes to entertainment.  The company almost single-handedly made self-publishing viable in the book world, monetized fan fiction, and was even at the front of the game in making original online shows.  Now they’re doing it again, by not only making original shows, but original movies as well.

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VidAngel Service Review


I like movies.  I like watching them, discussing them, writing about them, and reading about them.  Unfortunately, many otherwise great films have been ruined by unnecessary sex scenes and an exorbitant amount of profanities. Fortunately, there are some services that help with that.  ClearPlay is one of those services, but it requires a DVD, which with the coming death of the video rental store, typically means either buying it or borrowing it from a friend.  There is, however, a service that will allow you to rent a filtered movie: VidAngel.  I recently tried it out, and this is a review of my experience.

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The Clearplay Dilemma

If I had a quarter for every time I heard someone say about a movie “It’s good, but…” I’d probably be filthy rich.  Sadly, that doesn’t happen, and I don’t have a rich uncle, so I suppose I’ll have to settle for being a poor loudmouth on the internet.  Still, this is important.

Since Clearplay has become so popular, Christians have been expanding their film library.  New possibilities have been introduced, more worlds that we haven’t been able to explore before!  It’s exciting isn’t it?  Well, it is until you remember that we couldn’t explore them because of the fifty f-bombs, pornographic material, and obvious anti-Christian worldview.

Clearplay only takes care of two out of the three.

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