Movie Weekend Preview October 25-27

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Bad Grandpa

Anytime a comedy is rated R, it’s generally not a good sign.  The trailer has some funny moments interspersed (“You look pretty when you’re mad”), but it isn’t going to be worth it.  The best example is when the main character dresses his young grandson up as a girl and has him perform as a stripper.  The intention is for it to be comical, but it’s depraved, disturbing, and not something that anyone should want to see, much less pay to see.  It’s a no-go.




The Counselor

What is The Counselor about?  Your guess is as good as mine.  The trailer was so obsessed with introducing the actors, violence, and sexuality that it forgot to tell me why I was supposed to care.  According to IMDb, it’s about a lawyer who “finds himself in over his head when he gets involved in drug trafficking.”  In other words, it’s another movie in which we’re supposed to be rooting for criminals.  It’s rated R for, among other things, strong sexuality.  Avoid it like the plague.



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Captain Phillips



This is a review I originally posted at  


“It’s Air Force One on water,” that’s what I said when I saw the trailer.  It wasn’t a criticism, just an observation.  I quickly discovered, however, that Captain Phillips was much, much more.

Because Tom hanks.  That’s all the explanation you need, just because Tom Hanks.

I could end the review right there, but I won’t.  Because I like writing about movies.  So I feel the need to ramble a little bit more.

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