5 Lessons from ‘Reading Between the Lines’ by Gene Veith Jr.

I recently finished the book Reading Between the Lines by Gene Veith Jr.  In simple terms, it was probably the most insightful book on literature by a Christian that I have ever read.  I want you to read the book for yourself, but first, I’d like to sure five of my favorite quotes from the book, and why I think they’re just as important now as when the book was written 25 years ago.

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Ender’s Game and Real Virtue

If you’ve ever looked around your workplace and thought “they just keep getting younger every year,” you should go to the IF’s battle school.  Forget about teenagers enrolling in the army, these guys and gals are hardly ten.  Ender Wiggin is only six.  It’s worth it, they say, because they’re desperately trying to create the kind of brainpower that will help them survive another war with the aliens known as the buggers.  But the question that the cunning Col. Graff has to wrestle with is enough to make your blood run cold: what are we doing to these kids?

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Book Reviewers Wanted

Christian Entertainment Reviews is seeking an avid reader to contribute book reviews.  If you: 1. Love God, 2. Are passionate about the power and impact of entertainment (both positively and negatively), and 3. Look at entertainment, especially books, from a Christian perspective, then we want you!

Interests in particular genres are not necessary.  The reviewer must be able to commit to at least one review per month.  Books to review can include new releases as well as classic literature or other fiction books that can be analyzed from a Christian perspective.

To apply, please send a query and two writing samples (they don’t have to be book-related, or previously published) to christianityworldview@gmail.com.

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The 12 Best and Worst Book-to-Film Adaptations

Book adaptations are funny things.  They can either drive you to love the book and the story even more, or they can ruin the entire experience for you.  They’ve also become much more popular in Hollywood in the past few years.  Examples of this just in the past year or two include The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, The Fault in Our Stars, The Moral Instruments: City of Bones, Divergent, The Hobbit, and The Giver, just to name a few.  The quality of adaptations in the past few years has been varied and unpredictable, so here is a list of some our favorite, and not-so-favorite, book adaptations to come to the big screen.

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Fahrenheit 451


“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” – Isaiah 5:20

There’s something about our American mindset that makes us expect corruption to come from authority members.  If some evil exists, it must come from the government, federal agents, or executive CEOs.  If it comes from within, it must be the elders of the church or the boss in the office.  We never think to look within.  We never think that it might be us, the individual members of society, who are contributing to and creating the evil.  That it’s those that walk beside us day in and day out who are creating the evils of society.  That’s the difference between 1984 and Fahrenheit 451.

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Book Announcement


I write a lot about entertainment.  I write about books, movies, TV shows, comic books, and anything else that piques my interest.  I suppose it’s not a great surprise, then, that I’m interested in making it as well.

As of yesterday, I have become a published author.  My novel, Finding Sage, is available on Kindle here.  It’s a dystopian story about a future where some people, known as rogues, exhibit supernatural abilities.  That’s not a good thing, however, because the global government hunts them down and executes them, imprisons them, or forces them to become assassins.  Silas is such a rogue.  He lives day by day constantly paranoid about his chances of survival.  However, when his life is saved by crazy-eyed hobo ranting about a powerful liberator, he listens, because it might be his only chance to find meaning in a life that’s only about surviving.

You can also check out my author website at www.loganjudy.com.  Be warned – the website is far from finished, but that will be where I’ll post information regarding book things, because I don’t want this to become my marketing website.  I will be keeping it separate after this post (believe it or not).  Also, you can check out my Facebook page and my twitter.