How Stranger Things Endorses a Christian Worldview

The horror genre is all too often a canvas for graphic depictions of evil with no redeeming qualities.  But the horror-influenced Netflix original Stranger Things uses those frightening elements to a greater purpose.  Few stories with these elements use them to such great effect, in a way that makes it not only a fantastic story, but also in a way that, implicitly, leads us closer to a Christian worldview.

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Review: Shades of Blue

With Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta starring, and Ryan Seacrest as producing, this new cop drama is more than just a bad pun. But then again, it’s not much of a cop drama – at least not in the way we usually think of that genre.  The formulaic structure of shows like CSIWithout a Trace, or even the beloved NCIS have little to do with this story.  In fact it’s not even about cops catching bad guys – unless you count other cops, that is.

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Boyhood: The Novelty Fades

The acoustic intro to Coldplay’s “Yellow” plays out over a cloudy, blue sky. The distinct, cartoon images of Pokemon fling themselves across a 13-inch television. An argument between a young, single mother and her boyfriend rage on as her two children watch around the corner.

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