Five Reasons Video Games are not the Devil

Media can be used for great good.  But, as we all know, it can do great harm as well.  That’s really in the message more than the medium, but there are certain forms of media that have gotten a really bad rap.  Video Games is one of them.  But, contrary to what many may think, video games are not inherently harmful.  Here are five reasons why.

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Cassandra, in an example of the beautiful artwork that is one of the more compelling aspects of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Should a Christian Play “Dragon Age: Inquisition”?

If you’re familiar with the Dragon Age franchise (by Bioware), you’ve probably already made the decision to play or not to play these role-playing games.  For some, a game with swearing and sex scenes is simply crossed off the list of playing possibilities, and Inquisition (2014; rated M17+) is no different from its predecessors in that arena (except that the sex scenes are more “human” than ever before, according to fans).  But with a name out of Catholic history, perhaps you’re curious.  I was, and, having been fairly unfamiliar with the franchise (I didn’t know about the sex), decided to check out the newest installment.  Let’s clarify something up front before we move on, though:  viewing the sex scenes is not part of any quest except voluntary “romancing”—a player can romance certain characters, or not—and avoiding romance has little impact on the rest of the game.  Certain characters who make up your party can be pretty much ignored, too, if desired.

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Notes on the Vex and using Light power.  A back page from Destiny's "Arms and Armament" book (given with the limited edition preorder).

Destiny’s Lore: What IS the story, anyway? Shooting Away vs. Nature of Evil Philosophizing

“I don’t have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain.”
The Exo Stranger, unwittingly (or jestingly) explaining Destiny’s lack of in-game story

Destiny (2014), the wildly successful multi-player shooter video game made by Bungie, hints at having a story behind it, but so far it’s pretty much a mystery.  Sure, as you go through the short-lived “story” missions in order to open all the game maps, you hear some people speak,[1] but you are forced to come to the sad conclusion that you’re being kept in the dark as to the meaning behind all the fighting you’re doing.  Read More