The Vanity of Fame in ‘The Epic of Gilgamesh’

Christian circles largely know The Epic of Gilgamesh in terms of comparison.  The story does act as something of a parallel to the biblical story of Noah, albeit with important differences – the gods regret sending the flood, and they were not unanimous in saving the Noah figure, Utnapishtim.  But the story taken in its whole is saying something more interesting, something close to the heart of the biblical book of Ecclesiastes.

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Dragon Teeth

A suspenseful and intriguing tale, Dragon Teeth is quintessentially Michael Crichton.  Following the intense and sometimes violent rivalry between two paleontologists in 1875, the story exudes Crichton’s own love for dinosaurs, in what was likely the real-life story that inspired Jurassic Park.  Closely based on actual history, including journals of the two men, the novel serves as a sort of love letter to the adventures of the early years of paleontology, but also removes the veil of both professional ambition and the violent anarchy of the wild west.

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Beneath a Scarlet Sky

Mark Sullivan’s novel Beneath a Scarlet Sky is a fascinating marriage of story and history. While he clearly describes it as a novel in the book’s introduction, it is also closely based on fact. The book’s subject, Pino Lella, talked with Sullivan about his story, and the author conducted additional research in an attempt to be as accurate as possible. The fact that the book is so accurate to its basis makes the story that much more incredible.

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