An Argument for Christians Writing Secular Fiction

When I say the phrase, “Christian writer,” what genre comes to mind?  What about “Christian filmmaker?” In most cases, you think of someone writing or creating in a specifically Christian genre. Christian film brings to mind films like October Baby, Fireproof, or even the better offerings of the genre, like The Case for Christ or Risen.

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The Early Missteps of ‘Titans’

Life is growing difficult for defenders of the DC Extended Universe.  Since Justice League‘s lukewarm reception, the franchise has been looking for new ways to gain interest, including a Joaquin Phoenix Joker film, and the introduction of a DC streaming service.  But the most recent item getting buzz is a new trailer for the series Titans, one that’s gaining backlash from critics of all stripes.  Reasons for this are varied, and largely aesthetic, but there are thematic reasons to be concerned, as well.

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Discernment in Star Wars

It’s May 4th, Star Wars day! There’s a lot to like about Star Wars. Lightsaber duels, blasters, starfighter dogfights, and the magic and mystery of the Force have helped to make it a beloved franchise. At the heart of all the action, though, is the tilt between good and evil. While several of the films have underpinnings of Eastern worldviews, the fundamental concepts of good versus evil are still easily identifiable.

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“Realistic” isn’t the Definition of Rated R

It’s no secret I love to analyze television and film. My wife would say I over-analyze but I don’t care, it’s part of the enjoyment for me. As my life moves forward I’ve obviously become crankier and less amused by certain media targeted at audiences younger than me. With that in mind, I’ve recently begun to question the content in film that is clearly targeted at me. After seeing A Quiet Place earlier this year, I realized film is much more enjoyable when story is unique without following the usual tropes of the genre and being bombarded with content Hollywood deems “realistic”. That is, the myth that simply being rated R is a better experience.

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