Paths of Glory: Virtue in the Face of Consequence

Few movies affect me on an emotional level enough to stop and re-evaluate my own perspective in life. One of those films, is Stanley Kubrick’s Paths of Glory. In life we try to justify what is fair through our own virtues. It’s is how we face the conequences of our actions that defines our integrity. In just eighty seven minutes, Kubrick tackles the topic of situational ethics and facing unfair consequences with perfection through the eyes of French soldiers in World War One.

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“Realistic” isn’t the Definition of Rated R

It’s no secret I love to analyze television and film. My wife would say I over-analyze but I don’t care, it’s part of the enjoyment for me. As my life moves forward I’ve obviously become crankier and less amused by certain media targeted at audiences younger than me. With that in mind, I’ve recently begun to question the content in film that is clearly targeted at me. After seeing A Quiet Place earlier this year, I realized film is much more enjoyable when story is unique without following the usual tropes of the genre and being bombarded with content Hollywood deems “realistic”. That is, the myth that simply being rated R is a better experience.

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