Boyhood: The Novelty Fades

The acoustic intro to Coldplay’s “Yellow” plays out over a cloudy, blue sky. The distinct, cartoon images of Pokemon fling themselves across a 13-inch television. An argument between a young, single mother and her boyfriend rage on as her two children watch around the corner.

This is how Boyhood, directed by Richard Linklater (School of Rock, A Scanner Darkly), begins. Read More


The Devil and the Fallacy of Non Sequitur in Hawthorne’s Young Goodman Brown

While studying literature at the university a while back, I became a fan of the short stories of Nathaniel Hawthorne, particularly Mosses from an Old Manse. When I read them I discovered a Hawthorne afflicted with the same doubts, yearnings, and temptations as his characters. An author well aware of the long shadow of the witch trials (albeit a century removed) that darkened his family name. Read More

Zero Theorem: Big Questions, Small Answers

The camera slowly fades in to reveal a swirling, black hole. A storm brews at its epicenter. Lightning flashes. Thunder claps like a heartbeat. The camera pans out to reveal Qohen Leth (a subdued, monk-like Christoph Waltz) naked and facing the black hole intently, but also removed, a tad detached as if lost in a trance. The black hole simultaneously represents Qohen’s fears and metaphysical yearning. This is the beginning of the potentially interesting yet ultimately shallow “Zero Theorem”.

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