Authority & Anarchy in ‘Luke Cage’ Season One

Luke Cage is angry with the system.  It unfairly sent him to prison, it subjected him to corruption while in prison, and it kept him from living free while out of prison.  In his new life outside of Seagate, Cage faces gang violence, murder, and wayward youth, in interactions that typify the spirit of anarchy.  At every turn, the series is relentlessly challenging authority.

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The Early Missteps of ‘Titans’

Life is growing difficult for defenders of the DC Extended Universe.  Since Justice League‘s lukewarm reception, the franchise has been looking for new ways to gain interest, including a Joaquin Phoenix Joker film, and the introduction of a DC streaming service.  But the most recent item getting buzz is a new trailer for the series Titans, one that’s gaining backlash from critics of all stripes.  Reasons for this are varied, and largely aesthetic, but there are thematic reasons to be concerned, as well.

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