Our mission: Bridging the cultural gap between the sacred and the secular.

Our vision: To build that bridge by encouraging Christians to thoughtfully engage in matters of culture and worldview.

The Writers

Logan Judy, Editor

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Logan Judy started Cross Culture, originally Christian Entertainment Reviews, in 2013.  Since that time, as the website has continued to grow, he has expanded its focus, encouraging Christians to engage with the culture, rather than thinking only of whether or not to see particular films or read particular books.  Logan is also the author of three science fiction novels  and writes and podcasts at A Clear Lens.  At Cross Culture, in addition to being the Editor, he also hosts the Cross Culture Podcast.  He primarily writes about film and cultural analysis.


Zack Tinsley, Film Writer


I grew up in a large Christian family from Bowling Green Kentucky to Columbus Indiana. Currently living in Louisville KY, where I have a hard time fulfilling my board game habit. I’ve gone through just about every phase of pop culture possible, from metal, country, and folk music to classic “hayes-era”, horror, and foreign films. Currently I’m settled in on progressive rock music and political documentaries in my old age, but I’m open to suggestions. I’ll admit that Paul Newman has been by social media picture more than once for more reasons than one, and I make sure all my close friend have watched The Evil Dead at least once. I hold tight to my conservative values, but I’m always testing myself by staying as educated as I can on all ideologies and perceptions. That’s why I love film. I believe that although it is an expression of a few, it can affect all of us in either a positive or negative way. Breaking down these values as it helps to better myself and my faith has always been my number one hobby, no matter how much my opinionated nature annoys my wife.


Andrew Walton, Film Writer


Andrew Walton has been a Christian for over 10 years now, and considers starting his walk with Christ the best decision he’s ever made.  That worldview bleeds into his various entertainment interests, which include Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mystery, and Suspense, or all of them put together.  He also has a soft spot for classic/black and white movies, especially if they’re funny. Once in a while he enjoys a feel-good, underdog-type sports movie, as well.  He also has interest in music, particularly artists such as Owl City and Imagine Dragons.  His interests also expand into renown fandoms such as Doctor Who and Star Wars.  At Cross Culture, Andrew primarily writes movie reviews and fandom-related posts.


Andrew Warnes, Music & Film Writer

Andrew Warnes is a youth minister located in the state of Oklahoma. Before choosing to come to Bible school, Andrew’s dream was to be a filmmaker or film critic. While that was not the route he went down in life, entertainment is still one of his favorite past times; he even grew up in a house that has almost constantly had the radio or a favorite album playing in the background. Andrew will be graduating from school this coming December, and it appears he will be (Lord willing) getting into youth ministry. When it comes to his teaching/preaching, you can almost guarantee that he will draw some sort of Biblical application from a film, book, or song he’s heard.  At Cross Culture, Andrew writes primarily about music, with interest in Rock, Indi-Pop-Rock, Mainstream, Folk, and R&B.


Nate Sala, Film & TV Writer


Nate Sala studied philosophy and theology for his undergraduate degree, which led to an interest in discerning worldview and elements of theological significance in film.  Currently studying at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas to teach Secondary English, Nate stays busy as a husband and father, as well as entertainment writer.  He runs an apologetics blog of his own at clearlens.org and also writes at Let There Be Movies.  Some of his favorite films are Field of DreamsMy Life, Inception, Meet Joe Black and Warrior, as well as anything that Bo Goldman or David S. Goyer writes, and anything Christopher Nolan directs.  At Cross Culture, Nate primarily writes movie reviews, with an emphasis on films with philosophical elements.