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What Exactly Does “Cross Culture” Mean?

I started this website in 2013.  That’s been four years ago now.  There’s an old saying that you never step in the same river twice.  In a way, I feel like this is an apt analogy for where I’ve been with regards to Christianity and culture – as I’ve met more people and been introduced to more perspectives, my own perspective has changed.  So has my focus, and the focus of Christian Entertainment Reviews.

Simply put, Christian Entertainment Reviews began as a place solely for reviews from a Christian perspective.  It was frequently focused on whether or not to engage with specific media, and more often than I’d like to admit, followed a formula of how stories either endorsed or contradicted the Christian worldview.  But as time went on, we started to focus less on that binary formula and more on understanding and responding to the cultural currents that were expressing themselves through stories.  Thankfully, we started to move towards a more redemptive vision – one that aims to bridge the gap between Christianity and the broader culture.

That’s the idea behind the new name.  “Cross Culture” isn’t just some cheeky play on words.  It can be read not only as developing a culture informed by the cross, but also as an attempt to cross the culture.  Christians have often had a tendency to stay in their own safe cultural bubble, offering Christianized alternatives to everything that the world has to offer.  In contrast, we hope to give Christians the tools to approach culture – both “Christian” and secular – in a way that is discerning, thoughtful, and Christlike.  We want to be less about whether or not to engage and more about how to engage.  In that way, we hope to be a blessing to our readers.

Other changes will be coming to the site in the coming weeks.  We invite you to travel on this journey with us, as we endeavor to be lights in the world, and contribute to a meaningful and ongoing conversation.

Logan Judy
Logan Judy is a Christian blogger and science fiction author with a Batman complex. At Cross Culture, Logan writes about film, comics, cultural analysis, and whatever else strikes his fancy. In addition to his work at Cross Culture, Logan also blogs and podcasts at A Clear Lens. You can find him tweeting about Batman, apologetics, and why llamas will one day rule the world, @loganrjudy.
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