News Roundup, 9/7

Take a look at news and developments from the past few weeks!



Silence, an upcoming film about missionaries to Japan in a time of persecution, is already being rumored as an Oscar contender.  Martin Scorsese, the film’s director, told The Independent that he’s working to get it released in time for the 2017 Oscars.  This is a film he’s been trying to do since the early nineties.  That plus Liam Neeson in the leading role sets a promising stage for a film about the Christian faith and persecution, and could be a great follow-up to Risen in the Christian faith being effectively communicated to a general audience through the medium of film.

Pure Flix is releasing a movie about Rachel Joy Scott, Christian and victim of the Columbine shooting.  The movie releases in October. While Christian films in general have been too sanitized to have meaningful stories of triumph, this one has an inherent advantage, in that a Christian actually dies a tragic death in this story.  Time will tell, but this could be a story that moves Christian film forward, if done effectively.


Star Wars Expanded Universe fan favorite Grand Admiral Thrawn has been re-introduced to the official Star Wars canon.  The Empire strategist will be featured as a villain in season three of Star Wars: Rebels, and was announced in a very ominous trailer.


Pokemon Go will implement a new buddy system in an upcoming update of the game.  The new feature will allow users to travel with one specific pokemon out of its pokeball, earning more candy (what users use to upgrade pokemon) as a result.  This is an exciting upgrade, since previously rare pokemon (including your starter) were essentially useless.  Check out the link above for more specifics.

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Nintendo will be releasing a new version of the original NES system that hooks up to your TV via HDMI.  The new/old console will come preloaded with classic games, rather than requiring you to head to the nearest pawn shop for old cartridges.

A new Sonic game, but with the classic graphics and gameplay, will be coming to new systems in 2017.  IGN gave the game a very positive review, and it looks like the Sonic games might finally return to their former glory.

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