Comic-Con 2016 Round-Up

It’s hard being a nerd these days.  There’s so much news to keep up with, trailers to watch, and rumors to herd that it can feel like having a second job.  But lists are helpful.  Here are our picks for the biggest news, and greatest trailers, from San Diego Comic-Con 2016.


Brie Larson is Captain Marvel

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While I personally might be disappointed that Ronda Rousey didn’t get the role, Marvel has succeeded in landing an Academy Award-winning actress, Brie Larson.

Brie Larson is most well-known for her leading performance in Room, which was one of last year’s nominations for Best Picture.  While that particular award went to Spotlight, she did go home with Best Actress in a Leading Role.  Captain Marvel, a hero of cosmic origins with connections to Guardians of the Galaxy, is set to hit theaters in 2019.


Thor: Ragnarok incorporating Planet Hulk story arc


The third installment of the Thor franchise, which has already been billed as a buddy road trip movie with Thor and Hulk, is now letting it all hang out with a gladiator Hulk.  For fans of the Hulk comic books, there could hardly be better news, save perhaps for the standalone Planet Hulk movie that fans have been begging for since the first Avengers film.

In the comic books, Planet Hulk is a story wherein Hulk is banished from Earth for losing control, lands on a foreign planet, and is forced to become a gladiator and fight to survive.  Banner and the Hulk also form a more cohesive personality as a result of this journey.  It’s generally regarded as one of, if not the best, Hulk comic book arcs, and it appears that Marvel is finally taking that plunge.  At this year’s comic-con, Marvel unveiled the armor props that were used in the shooting of the film.


Black Panther story details revealed


The Black Panther movie will feature two villains, according to actress Lupita Nyong’o.  One of those villains, Erik Killmonger, will be played by Michael B. Jordan, who co-starred in the critical and commercial failure Fantastic 4 but was also applauded for his performance in Creed.  The second villain, and casting for him or her, has not yet been announced.

As for Nyong’o, her character, Nakia, is part of the Black Panther’s squad of elite bodyguards, the Dora Milaje.  The film is set for release in 2018.

Ghost Rider to debut on Agents of SHIELD 


While he will eventually star in his own Netflix show, Ghost Rider will debut in the fourth season of Agents of SHIELD, a panel confirmed at SDCC.

The character will be the Robbie Reyes version of Ghost Rider (as compared to the original Johnny Blaze, who was featured in the Nic Cage films), including a sweet muscle car.  The actor, Gabriel Luna, is relatively unknown.


Trailers, trailers, and more trailers!  By all counts, DC Comics seems to have taken the cake with this one, with an extremely positively received Wonder Woman trailer, and a Justice League trailer that appears to improve on nearly every sore point from Batman v Superman.  Below are some of our favorites from the weekend (we have omitted the Suicide Squad trailer as the film is coming out this weekend.  Our picks are for films where a “first look” was more highly anticipated).

Wonder Woman


Justice League



Doctor Strange


Lego Batman


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


King Arthur: Legend of the Sword


Kong: Skull Island

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