Movie News Round-Up

Among other news, Jeremy Renner is one busy man.

Netflix plans to release the Idris Elba film Beasts of No Nation at the same time that it releases in theaters.  The streaming service purchased distribution rights for the film, but the film must release in theaters no later than it does online to be considered for an Academy Award nomination.  Netflix therefore wants to do the release simultaneously, but movie theater chains aren’t playing along.  NPR has the story.

Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye will appear in the much-anticipated Captain America: Civil War.  While details of the film are not known, the comic it is based on includes a war between superheroes, led by Captain America and Iron Man respectively.  The Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man will also reportedly appear in the movie.  Screen Rant has more.

Speaking of Jeremy Renner, he and Amy Adams will be co-starring in a sci-fi film titled Story of Your Life.  The film will be something of an alien invasion film, with Renner playing a scientist and Adams playing the part of trying to communicate with the aliens.  Screen Crush has the story.

The first promotional photos of CBS’ Supergirl in suit have been released.  Melissa Benoist, known for Glee and Whiplash, will play the titular character.  The suit borrows some from the Man of Steel style super-suit, but more importantly, takes inspiration from the more modest of Supergirl costumes, apparently reducing the likelihood that she will be a highly sexualized character.  Read more at Empire.

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