Movie Weekend Preview: January 3-5

New Releases


Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Like most horror films, this movie looks to instill thrills and fear into its audience, but such films often leave little room for the necessary elements of the Christian worldview, such as forgiveness and hope.  This installment is supposedly going to be about Catholic-based mythology, but that will probably just make it worse, showing death and hopelessness in the face of religion.  I’m going to skip it and I recommend you do too.

Still In Theaters

47 ronin

47 Ronin

This is the story of the forty-seven ronin, a national legend of Japan in which 47 Japanese warriors take revenge on their master.  This story appears to be quite embellished, with supernatural elements at play.  The trailer looks pretty awesome, and I’m excited to see Keanu Reeves in something serious again.  I’ll be seeing it.



The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

This is a remake of a classic old movie detailing a man named Walter Mitty, who lives with his mother and has a wildly vivid imagination.  So when something truly scandalous and secret agent-like starts happening around him, everyone thinks it’s just his imagination working up again.  The original is quite funny, and although I tend to be skeptical about the classics getting remade, I’m hopeful that Ben Stiller can make it worth watching.



The Wolf of Wall Street

Leonardo DiCaprio stars in this film about Jordan Belfort, a man who was convicted of several fraudulent crimes back in 1998.  It details his hard-partying lifestyle, along with the corruption, money, and sex, as the trailer clearly shows.  The film will likely detail his fall as well as his rise, so I’m not concerned that the film’s worldview will promote his lifestyle, and I’m sure that DiCaprio will perform marvelously, but the nature of the film’s elements dictates that it would need to be filtered in order to be fit to watch.



Grudge Match

Apparently they couldn’t get away with another Rocky movie, so they decided to slap some different names on there and make it a little more comical.  Grudge match is a movie about two retired boxers, played by Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro, who are coaxed out of retirement for another fight, 30 years after their last one.  It makes an attempt at humor and good ole Rocky action, but it looks more like a lousy attempt by Hollywood to squeeze some more money out of the whole boxer thing.  I doubt it’ll be worth it.

 The One to See


I’m not a big fan of remakes, especially when they’re of timeless classics.  However, I have high hopes for this film, and it’s by far the best bet out there right now (although that may not be saying much, looking at the competition).  I’d go see it.  I think Ben Stiller is a good pick for the part, and it’ll definitely be interesting.

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