Movie Weekend Preview: November 15-17

New Releases


Charlie Countryman

I really like Shia LaBeouf, but it’s a no-brainer for me on this one.  Skip it.  Even the trailer seems like it’s trying to do too many things at once.  A dead guy on a plane, the kid next to him meets his daughter, his daughter has a crazy ex-husband that likes to kill people, and he falls in love with her, and yeah.  Too many things.  The trailer also gives the impression that the movie is going to use as many excuses as it can for nudity and sex, and the rating advisory includes “language throughout.”  Translation: 50+ f-bombs and naked girls.  That’s what this movie offers.  Don’t give it a second thought.


The Best Man Holiday

After watching the trailer, I have no idea what this movie is about.  Seriously.  Not a clue.  I know there’s way too many actors, and way too many sexual connotations in a two and a half minute trailer.  If they can’t even go to the trouble to find an actual plot as an excuse for it, why would I bother seeing it?



Apparently filmed in black-and-white, this film tells the story about an old man who makes a trip across the country to claim a million-dollar prize that his son insists is a scam.  There’s all kinds of drama surrounding it, including his cranky wife and the town that talks of ole’ Woody being a millionaire.  It’s rated R just for language, and looks unbearably boring.  Don’t waste your time.


Still in Theaters

thor the dark world poster

Thor: The Dark World

The pre-Avengers movies were pretty good.  Thor was one of my favorites.  The Avengers upped the ante.  The question then became if the next movies would live up to the same standard.  Iron Man 3 definitely did.  Thor: The Dark World looks like it will live up those expectations, even pass them with flying colors.  The idea of Thor and Loki fighting on the same side is awesome enough, especially when they’re fighting a villain played by Christopher Eccleston, who is one of the most underrated actors of our day, how can you not be excited?  Read my review here.


The Book Thief

In Nazi Germany, the people not only lost their freedom, they lost their culture.  That aspect is explored in this story about a girl who grabbed every book she could find in a time when the Nazis were burning them by the pile.  The story also follows her adoptive parents, who are hiding Jews in their home.  The film has a heavy-hitting cast and is based on a best-selling novel.  That in conjunction with the deep elements it explores will make it a must-see.


Best Man Down

Best Man Down is a story about newlyweds who have to cancel their honeymoon when the over-the-top, cut-up best man dies after the ceremony.  It leads them across the country to find one of the only contacts in his cellphone, who turns out to be a girl, who then wants to come back with them to the funeral.  It looks like it will be a heart-warming story of marriage and friendship.  It’s not the best on the list, but looks like a good one.


How I Live Now

Saoirse Ronan got her breakthrough film playing the lead (or leads) in The Host.  She’s also been the subject of nerd conversations everywhere since she admitted to going in for an audition for Star Wars Episode VII.  She’s a popular girl.  This movie, however, is a bit different from The Host and Star Wars Episode VII.  Daisy (Ronan’s character) is an American who goes to the U.K., meets a boy, falls in love, and then the U.K. turns into a violent military state, and it becomes a fight for survival.  The movie looks excellent, but includes in the rating advisory “some sexuality.”  Given that it’s an R-rated film, I say wait until it comes out and watch it with ClearPlay.

The One to See:


The Book Thief

Last week I said Thor: The Dark World was the one to see.  I’m saying The Book Thief now for two reasons: first of all because it deals with heavy issues that it’s difficult for a comic book movie to even approach.  Secondly, because hopefully you’ve seen Thor: The Dark World by now.  There are no good new releases, so this is where you should go.  A movie contemplating the brutal reign of the Nazis and the prospect of doing good when even your government is telling you to do otherwise, as well as the love of knowledge through books and what the push to destroy them says about the Nazis…that’s a lot of good stuff.  Go see it.

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