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Among the many things I’m growing to love about Twitter is having a lot of news feeds consolidated.  Among them is The Rolling Stone, which informed me yesterday that a new Terminator trilogy is coming soon.

This means a total of seven movies.

Both Star Wars Episode VII and the new Terminator film will be released in 2015, making the seventh of each.  That’s right – Terminator will have the same amount of films as Star Wars.

Unfortunately I can’t give much more information than that, because not much is known at this point.  What I can tell you is that the writer of Avatar is contributing to the screenplay and it will be produced by Annapurna pictures, the same company that made Zero Dark Thirty.

I have mixed feelings here.  Of the science-fiction fans that can enjoy the Terminator films, I’m probably all alone in that I thought Terminator: Salvation was the best of the four.  The The Terminator
was something that was fairly new and plot was fairly clever.  It loses images (3)huge points with me, though, for the explicit sexual content (I do recommend the film if you have clearplay, but only if you have clearplay), and the connected casual approach to unwed conception.  The Terminator 2: Judgment Day
and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (Two-Disc Widescreen Edition)
, while I enjoyed the action, were basically the exact same plot: good guy terminator defends John Connor from bad guy terminator.  Then the makers throw in more profanity and a female for sex appeal in the third to make it seem different.  In reality, it wasn’t.  Terminator Salvation: Director’s Cut (2-Disc Special Edition)
, however, was much better.  Christian Bale did a good job with the character and Sam Worthington’s character threw in an aspect of the film I was definitely not expecting.  It was new, it was fresh, and it had the good old-fashioned Terminator action, especially toward the end of the film.

Unfortunately, the filmmakers went bankrupt, and that segment of the story ended there.

To me, the ideal is seeing Christian Bale reprise his role and keep with the same feel of the Salvation: a war that the resistance is struggling to win; and at the end of the film: END IT.  The remarkable thing about the four movies that exist is we don’t yet know that the resistance wins.  We assume so because the good guys always win, but we are never actually told that they do.  I like that.  Prophecies that guarantee victory take some of the significance of the struggle away; but seven films is a bit much to go and still not have a resolution.

download (5)While we’re talking about ideal, allow me to mention that a cameo appearance by Summer Glau (of The Sara Connor Chronicles TV series) would be utterly fantastic.  I haven’t seen all of the show, but from what I have seen, I like her even better than good ole Arnie.

Are any of these things realistic?  I have no idea.  When franchises change hands it’s pretty rare that they keep the same actors, even after multiple films (Joel Schumacher brought Val Kilmer and later George Clooney in to replace Michael Keaton in the Batman films).  However, while I consider Salvation well above the others in terms of quality, it also made the least in the box office, so makers may be inclined to start over.  I hope they don’t, but it’s fairly likely that they will.

Regardless, this is a development worth watching.

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